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#uck it!

I'm going to explore the world!

When I made the best decision of my life and became a travel agent. It opened doors for me I never thought I would go through. I always wanted to travel. I always wanted to explore and see different places. The issue was that I got stuck in survival mode. Even when I was out of the financial struggle I still maintained the need to continue working. Due to my anxiety telling "what if" everything happens. When I came to the realization that the daunting pattern needs to end. My first trip was to Naples, Fl. Then I went to Chicago, IL. after that I went to Saint Augustine, FL and finally New Orleans, LO. These experiences allowed me to see the different cultures in the United States. I was able to broaden my perspective and see how cultures and cities. This also allowed me to influence my 3 children who without me knowing want to explore and see new cities as well. They want to learn and about civil rights, aquariums, forests, mountains, prehistoric dinosaurs and so much more. It made me realize that you tube and tiktok and virtual tours are not enough. I have to say it was a blessing. a blessing that I want to share with as many people as possible.

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