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I love FOOD!

Is food love?

I love food. I like to taste it. Create it. When I travel I love to try the different types of food. I went to school to become a certified chef. I knew when I was in high school that food was going to be apart of my life. For five years I was in the restaurant industry and decided to transition to school food service due to the financial stability for my children. Either way it goes you can see that food is still a major part of my life.

When I travel I like to look on google maps and look for unique restaurants that have a few views to try out. Many of these restaurants have 4 stars or higher. Occasionally if I am exploring of grid I'll walking into a shop and pick something peculiar. I have tasted food that was bland, disgusting, interesting can't describe and so forth.

Food lets you experience culture. The reasoning behind the seasoning. The cooking technique that is carried down for generations. The new fusion style that was brought about due to a person loving to cultures and wanting the best of both worlds. The after taste the has you guessing what is this flavor. The beverage pairing that adds more flavor to the dish. It's quite intriguing. With that said, explore, taste, and travel!

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