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Atlanta Georgia Vacation

Traveling with kids is not easy. Children tend to get distracted. On top of that the adrenaline flowing through their blood makes it even harder for them to concentrate. I had to micromanage them the entire time. I hate micromanaging because it takes a lot out of me. Instead of having fun, I'm monitoring the kids.

Anyways, I decided to do the city pass purchase. It's where you purchase tickets to see tourist attractions in certain cities. We went to the Atlanta Zoo, the Coca Cola factory Exhibit, the Natural Museum of Science, the Atlanta Aquarium, and the Piedmont Museum and Forest, and the Civil Rights Museum. There was a lot to learn. The family did two attractions a day. We were also able to visit the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta and we climbed Stone Mountain located in Athens Georgia. It's was a great experience.

In the second photo you see the elephants inside. It's because it was 34 degrees at 10 in the morning. The zoo keepers were saying it was to cold for them. The first photo the elephants are outside. We were getting ready to leave and we heard a lot of noise and headed in the elephants direction. It was a little warmer in the 40's. We stayed there about ten minutes and watched the elephants eat. We still had a great time seeing the animals we could see.

Stone Mountain Georgia. What an amazing place to visit. The challenge for me was getting to the top. My kids did it in 45 minutes. While myself on the other hand 1 hour and 30 minutes. Whew, when I said this was a challenge for me it really was. The best part is when you're so high up it really lets you see how big the world is. It puts into perspective how we a just like the ants running around their colony just living. Looking at the beautiful earth and being awestruck. I also prayed while I was up there. Asking Jesus for protection, wisdom, advice, knowledge, understanding, and most importantly giving thanks. Giving thanks for all Jesus has done for me and my family.

Atlanta Aquarium. The best place to visit when you're going on vacation to do tourist attractions. Hands down the best attractions. The sea life was extraordinary and magnificent. There was plenty of creatures to see. The exhibits actually had see life there. I've been to a couple of aquariums and I have seen little to no animals. This lets me know that this aquarium is thriving and doing very well. Even though at one point I did realize that the sea life looked trapped and not free in the small tanks. I was hoping that most were born there and didn't know anything else but the life of living in a tank.

SkyView Atlanta Georgia. What an experience. I have to say I never thought that my children would be scared of heights. While we're riding together my oldest son was so scared we couldn't move. He was like stop moving. While at the same time trying to figure out if they were as tall as the animations on Attack on Titan. It was a great experience I recommend trying it.

This is the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta Georgia the Orchid conservatory greenhouse was awesome. There was all sorts of tropical flowers and trees along with plants that I would love to have in my gardens. The entire experience was worth the time.

As you can see there a plenty of things to do in Atlanta Georgia. I have plenty of pictures that I can look back on and enjoy the experience all over again.

If you need information on obtaining a city pass here's the link 🔗:

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